ASP.NET 5 beta8

ASP.NET 5 beta8 announced

ASP.NET team has announced ASP.NET 5 beta8. You can download ASP.NET 5 beta8 using NuGet Packages and ASP.NET tooling for Visual Studio. You can find installation instruction for ASP.NET 5 beta8 for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Document and samples of ASP.NET 5 beta8 can be found at

What is an announcement in ASP.NET 5 beta8?

There would be changes like

DNX Watch Command
DNX Watch has file watcher. Your application will be restarted when you change any file in your application. To install DNX-watch use following command

dnu commands install Microsoft.Dnx.Watcher

You can use watch command like dnx-watch . You can start to watch command from the same directory of Project.json

While publishing your application, you can Specify target frameworks
You can specify target framework of application at the time of publishing your application using the following command

dnu publish -framework dnx45

and it will only trim publish package and include only those set of packages that required for your application and
resulting in smaller deployed package.

Targeting old frameworks
Now, you can target .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 frameworks in your DNX projects. You just need to specify net20 and net35 into target framework of Project.json file.

Clear HTTP Response Cache used for package response
When restoring packages dnu do HTTP caching for any request send. You can use the following command to clear the cache.

dnu clear-http-cache

DNVM uninstall
Whenever you are keeping updated with your latest DNX releases, you might be in a situation like DNX hanging out your machine. You can find ~/.dnx/runtimes folder into your user profile directory and delete older versions anytime. This is a just tedious task. So now, you can run dnvm uninstall to remove or uninstall specified runtime.

Add additional files to a package
DNX generating NuGet Packages for your projects, but, in that case, you are in a need to add additional files to your package. You can now add additional files to NuGet packages by specifying in project.json using new packInclude property.

"packInclude": {
    "destination1Directory/": "source1Directory/**",
    "destination2Directory/": "source2Directory/**",
    "destination2Directory/some_additional_file.txt": "source2a/somefile.txt",
    "destination3Directory/": ["source3Directory/file1.txt", "source3Directory/file2.txt"]

You can specify the set of source and destination directory to include into the package. You can also add files using pattern and array of files.

Run script for each specified framework and creating the package.
With DNX, you can handle multiple framework(like net45,net46 or dnxcore50), and multiple build configuration like debug and release). In project.json you can specify the script that run on before and after each package creation and build. before ASP.NET 5 beta8 script was run twice.

Consider you have two dotnet frameworks and two build configuration say release and debug. Now, your script can run four times once for each framework and once for each build configuration. The prepack and postpack script run twice once for each build configuration.

Change in IIS Hosting model
Up to ASP.NET 5 beta8 application runs in IIS have been hosted by the component called “Helios”, contained in the Microsoft.AspNet.Server.IIS. This component facilitated the bootstrapping of the DNX and subsequently the .NET CLR or Core CLR by way of utilizing a hook in the existing System.Web hosting model to replace the runtime after the application had started.

In ASP.NET 5 beta8, they have discontinued the “Helios” IIS host to reduce complexity and manageability of two hosting environments. Now, Hosting ASP.NET 5 applications in IIS will now be achieved using the IIS HttpPlatformHandler configured to forward through to the ASP.NET 5 Kestrel server. HttpPlatformHandler module is native IIS module hence it needs to be install by Administrator.

Availability of Azure regions in India

AzureCon Announcements – India Regions, IoT Suite, GPU Support, Container, and Security Center in Azure

Recently Microsoft has held AzureCon events to announce new enhancements having thousands of participation worldwide. Scott Guthrie (Executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group) has announced about what is enhance features in Cloud?

AzureCon Announcements

  1. Availability of Azure regions in India
  2. Announcing N-Series of VMs with GPU capabilities.
  3. IoT (Internet of Things) Suite available to purchase.
  4. Container Service
  5. Security Center

Availability of Azure regions in India

Availability of Azure regions in India
Availability of Azure regions in India

Microsoft has brought online a several cloud servers in India to improve effectiveness, they had started three cloud location in Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune respectively. This means that Azure services are now available in 24 different regions worldwide. Microsoft says Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Sure available with Azure service are available in the regions having Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and PowerBI.

Announcing N-Series of VMs with GPU capabilities.
At last, to further help the execution of cloud foundation, Microsoft has announced the N-Series, another group of Azure Virtual Machines with GPU capacities. GPUs are perfect for graphics and design workloads, helping clients to fuel their advancement through situations like remote virtualization, computing having a high-performance intensive process, and dynamic analysis. The N-Series will include the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform and in addition NVIDIA GRID 2.0 innovation.

Azure IoT (Internet of Things) Suite available to purchase.
IoT means Internet of Your Things, you can connect the business assets that you already have to Azure services and use existing data in new ways to satisfy business needs. You can capture, analyze, and predict future outcomes.

When you take advantage of Azure IoT Suite, it helps your business to monitor assets to improve efficiency and use advanced data analytics to transform your business with new business models and revenue streams. Azure IoT Suite help your business to move faster, save money and encase the benefits of the Internet of your Things (IoT) for your business.

Azure Container Service
There is an obvious question like what is Azure Container Service? Azure Container Service is a new storage service that uses technology from Apache Mesos and Docker to deploy and configure applications to open-source clusters management services and Docker container management technology.

Azure Security Center
Azure cloud is the first cloud platform that provides security Management tools. Azure Security Center gives you the visibility and the control of the security of your Azure resources and helps you to one step ahead of attacks and threats.

Azure Security Center uses advanced analytics, along with machine learning, and Microsoft’s global threat intelligence network to give alerts for attacks. Attacks have been automatically detected from your Azure resources, the network, and security partner solutions.

Azure statistics
Azure statistics

Due to their continuous development and efforts they achieve more than 90,000 customer subscription per month. They had like 1.5 Million SQL Database running, more than 500 Million users on active Azure directory, 1.5 Trillion messages processed per month by IoT, and getting more than 40% revenue from start-ups and ISVs. All above figures are declared in AzureCon on 27 September 2015 by Scott Guthrie (Executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group).