Availability of Azure regions in India

AzureCon Announcements – India Regions, IoT Suite, GPU Support, Container, and Security Center in Azure

Recently Microsoft has held AzureCon events to announce new enhancements having thousands of participation worldwide. Scott Guthrie (Executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group) has announced about what is enhance features in Cloud?

AzureCon Announcements

  1. Availability of Azure regions in India
  2. Announcing N-Series of VMs with GPU capabilities.
  3. IoT (Internet of Things) Suite available to purchase.
  4. Container Service
  5. Security Center

Availability of Azure regions in India

Availability of Azure regions in India
Availability of Azure regions in India

Microsoft has brought online a several cloud servers in India to improve effectiveness, they had started three cloud location in Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune respectively. This means that Azure services are now available in 24 different regions worldwide. Microsoft says Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Sure available with Azure service are available in the regions having Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and PowerBI.

Announcing N-Series of VMs with GPU capabilities.
At last, to further help the execution of cloud foundation, Microsoft has announced the N-Series, another group of Azure Virtual Machines with GPU capacities. GPUs are perfect for graphics and design workloads, helping clients to fuel their advancement through situations like remote virtualization, computing having a high-performance intensive process, and dynamic analysis. The N-Series will include the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform and in addition NVIDIA GRID 2.0 innovation.

Azure IoT (Internet of Things) Suite available to purchase.
IoT means Internet of Your Things, you can connect the business assets that you already have to Azure services and use existing data in new ways to satisfy business needs. You can capture, analyze, and predict future outcomes.

When you take advantage of Azure IoT Suite, it helps your business to monitor assets to improve efficiency and use advanced data analytics to transform your business with new business models and revenue streams. Azure IoT Suite help your business to move faster, save money and encase the benefits of the Internet of your Things (IoT) for your business.

Azure Container Service
There is an obvious question like what is Azure Container Service? Azure Container Service is a new storage service that uses technology from Apache Mesos and Docker to deploy and configure applications to open-source clusters management services and Docker container management technology.

Azure Security Center
Azure cloud is the first cloud platform that provides security Management tools. Azure Security Center gives you the visibility and the control of the security of your Azure resources and helps you to one step ahead of attacks and threats.

Azure Security Center uses advanced analytics, along with machine learning, and Microsoft’s global threat intelligence network to give alerts for attacks. Attacks have been automatically detected from your Azure resources, the network, and security partner solutions.

Azure statistics
Azure statistics

Due to their continuous development and efforts they achieve more than 90,000 customer subscription per month. They had like 1.5 Million SQL Database running, more than 500 Million users on active Azure directory, 1.5 Trillion messages processed per month by IoT, and getting more than 40% revenue from start-ups and ISVs. All above figures are declared in AzureCon on 27 September 2015 by Scott Guthrie (Executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group).

ASP.NET 5 beta 7

ASP.NET 5 beta 7 announced, What is new? Part – 3

As we already discuss some new features about ASP.NET 5 beta 7 in my previous post at

  1. ASP.NET 5 beta 7 announced, What is new? Part – 1

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and, we are going to discuss more here.

ASP.NET 5 beta 7
What is new in ASP.NET 5 beta 7

Improvements and bug fixes in ASP.NET 5 beta 7

This blog post is the last post of the series of what is new in asp.net 5 beta 7. so, we are going to cover the rest of all things plus newly released WebHooks preview of ASP.NET family.

With the release of ASP.NET 5 beta 7, they had added the ability for a TagHelper to be written void element. The default value of CloseAfterOpeningTag will be false with the behaviors of IF there are multiple TagHelper working on a single HTML element.

When the user calls TagHelperContext.GetChildContentAsync it was uses cached the result, so in this release of ASP.NET 5 beta 7, they add an overload to reevaluate by passing useCachedResult to false in overload method.

Task<TagHelperContent> GetChildContentAsync()
    return GetChildContentAsync(true);

Task GetChildContentAsync(bool useCachedResult)

Another improvement in MVC is that, consider following Razor syntax with line comment.

<span> Here is your content</span>
@* this is just dummy content to demostrant improvement in MVC *@
 Here is your another content

This Razor syntax renders with carriage return something like,

<span> Here is your content</span>

<span> Here is your another content</span>

Instead of this it should have been rendered like

<span> Here is your content</span>
<span> Here is your another content</span>

They had also introduced single line comment like @//

Now, Rozar handling ~/ from its core and stripped out regardless its path or URL and auto attribute removal in TagHelper

Routing is just middleware for routing the request to application request. It sits between application request and files which are not present physically in your web application.

ASP.NET security contains authentication, authorization and security middleware for ASP.NET only. ASP.NET security removed basic authentication due to its insecure and having performance issues. ASP.NET security has Data Protection API and integrates with most of the project like SignalR.

In the previous version of asp.net, there was sluggish Session, which will degrade the performance of your application. Now, ASP.NET 5 support middleware for the session, and for that you just have to set up session database.

While developing the modern web application, the programmer often saves oAuth secrets, and due to security risks they do not want to commit that file into source control. It’s more dangerous while working with open source projects using public source control system like Github.

The config file that is used in DNX based application that guide developer to not checking those resources to public source control.

WebHooks was not part of the initial release of ASP.NET 5 beta 7. Lately, WebHooks preview has been added to ASP.NET 5 family as of its simplicity and its lightweight HTTP based publish/subscribe pattern. When an event happens in service, HTTP based POST notification sent to the register subscribers. Post notification contains the information regarding events and that information is helpful for the receiver to act accordingly.

ASP.NET 5 WebHook Receivers
ASP.NET 5 WebHook Receivers

Due to its simplicity many organizers using it as APIs like Dropbox, Paypal, Slack, Instagram, Trello etc.

I will write more about all ASP.NET 5 features with more technical stuff including WebHooks in near feature. But due to the limitation of subject, I can’t include all topic in-depth. Thanks